Thursday, June 16, 2011

PEKA experiment keDUA

assalamualaikum... harap membantu korang buat PEKA

Inference :
The distance between magnesium to copper in the electrochemical series is the furthest compared to the other pairs of electrolytes.

interpreting data :
1. magnesium produce the highest potential difference with copper.
2. lead produces the lower potential difference with copper.
3. the metals in decreasing tendency to donate electrons magnesium, aluminium , zinc , iron, lead and copper.

discussion :
1. for the pair of magnesium and copper electrodes
a) positive terminal : copper
b) negative terminal : magnesium

2. in term of electron transfer, at the
a) positive terminal : receive electron
b) negative terminal : donate electron

3. electron flow from negative terminal to the positive terminal through the external circuit.

4. the higher the voltage produced by the cell, the further the two metals are in the electrochemical.

conclusion :
the descending order of electropositivity of metals in the electrochemical seen is magnesium, aluminium , zinc , ion, and copper. the hypothesis is accepted.

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